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Asra Institute of Advanced Studies(MCA)



The Master of Computer Applications (MCA) program at the ASRA Institute of Advanced Studies, the best MCA College in Punjab, has been formulated to provide a unique environment for mastering various disciplines in computer science and trying to produce professionals in the complete IT industry. MCA is a 3-year full-time course consisting of 6 semesters. The last chapter is devoted to a professional training project in this industry. The curriculum allows you to master the basics of computing and provide an opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of topics. The focus is on understanding and the ability to apply computing principles that make students well equipped for the future work environment. The hands-on approach is to help students to develop their experience under the supervision of their faculty members.

Maintain the rank of the college in the list of best MCA colleges in Punjab is dependent upon the education quality and environment being provided in our campus. With this mission of exploring young talented minds of interdisciplinary graduates and to keep pace with the present trends, the Dept. of MCA at AIAS was started in the year 2009. It has grown leaps and bounds within a short span by imparting quality education to students for their better tomorrow.

Department of MCA has Excelled in its teaching-learning methodology and has consistent good academic track and prepares the students in a variety of areas employing various teaching and training methodologies and putting priority to the practical perspective. This has made AIAS itself in the listing of top MCA colleges in Punjab.

 Students have excelled in curricular and co-curricular activities and won prizes in various competitions and intercollegiate fests. Students giving the topmost performances and arrangements of cultural events and fests made AIAS in the list of top MCA colleges in Punjab.

AIAS- the best MCA College in Punjab

At AIAS-MCA, students are provided with better infrastructure which in turn facilitates towards professional standard and growth has left no stone unturned in providing the best of facilities. These facilities provided to the students on our campus created the best environment and students giving the best performance.

The Master of Computer Applications (MCA) course is one of these courses that combine the latest technologies to meet industrial requirements with a primary focus of mathematics, statistics and human resources management designed specifically to meet the ever-changing market needs with international acceptance.

In order to meet the requirements of the course, the College has built a high-tech infrastructure with state-of-the-art laboratories with the latest systems, a complete library with national and international reputable journals and qualified and experienced university professors.

AIAS- best MCA course in Punjab

The MCA course in Punjab is of three years duration divided into six semesters. During the three years, the students will learn the fundamentals of the most advanced subjects in the field of computer applications as they proceed to the higher classes. Students acquire knowledge about hardware and software. Students will develop industry-oriented projects in each semester of the third semester and beyond. The various aspects of algorithm design and improvement, network and database management, computational theory, programming, mathematics, probabilities, mobile phone technologies, electronic statistics, accounting, finance, covers by MCA course in Punjab.



  1. MCA – 3 YEAR

AIAS- top MCA College in Punjab India


To facilitate a dynamic learning environment that provides academic excellence, innovation, experiential learning, research, and employability for students and contributes to the growth and development of society.


  1. To enable students to become lifelong learners.
  2. Enhance academic excellence through experiential learning
  3. Promoting innovation and research through value-based education.