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Asra College of Education (B.Ed.)

Principal's Message(ASRA College of Education (ACE))

A Teacher Training College is now called a College of Education. Why? Training is somewhat mechanical and narrow, whereas education is a wider concept: comprehensive and broad-based. We train animals, but we educate human beings..

Asra College of Education, named after the founders’ revered father, Sh.Ram Asra Goyal, is located in a natural environment, away from the noisy atmosphere of a crowded city. Open space and greenery all around the campus, coupled with vast play-fields, well-equipped laboratories and library, housed in a beautiful building, make the Asra College of Education somewhat distinct and unique.

“Education is not merely acquiring knowledge, gathering and correlating facts; it is to see the significance of life as a whole”, says J.Krishnamurti.Bertrand Russell’s ‘mantra’ of good life vis-s-vis of good education is, “that which is guided by knowledge and inspired by love”. We shall sincerely endeavour to realise these lofty ideals, of course, with the help of our dedicated faculty and guidance of visionary management. We hope the students of Asra College of Education will have a very comfortable and fruitful stay over here.

Dr. S.K. Dhammi

Asra College of Education